Hyper Poly Protocol

Hyper Poly Protocol (HPP) is a decentralized blockchain system encrypted with ring signatures with the scalability to manage 1,000,000 communications (or transactions) per second.

Ring Signatures

Ring signatures provide strong encryption and plausible deniability by pulling extra signatures from past transactions on the blockchain and recycling the public keys to sign new transactions, to an outsider there would be no way to distinguish who which user sent the communication or transaction.

Ðapp Agnostic

HPP is a Ðapp agnostic protocol which can be used by webmasters and Ðapp developers to build secure communication tools of the future. This protocol will provide Monero level privacy with the scalability to manage FB messenger level communications per second — no current Blockchain can reach this scale without compromising decentralization or security.

Version: Version number of the protocol, loosely following semantic versioning.
Previous Block Hash: The hash of the header of the previous block.
Merkle Root: The Merkle tree of the transactions root hash.
Timestamp: Timestamp of the block creation, seconds from Unix epoch.
Difficulty Target: Proof of work target difficulty
Nonce: Used as part of the proof of work algorithm

The process for moving messages to the storage system differs based upon the amount of message data the node wants to store.
The node first generates a Message Checksum and Message Size information.
If the node wants to store the message it will generate a key value pair which the user can use to retrieve the message.

The requesting user broadcasts a message retrieval request signed by them to retrieve the message contents of a particular previous transaction.
A message retrieving miner detects this retrieval request and determines whether they’ve stored the message with key hash.
The miner then has to mine a message retrieval transaction.
The other nodes detect the transaction and verify the conditions for the miner’s transaction.

To ensure privacy, the ring size needs to be standardized for every transaction sent. If senders were to use different ring signature sizes, it would in part be a fingerprint to their identities, especially since the habit would be for a sender to use the same size every time.

HPP Network implements one-time public keys, allowing a user to instead publish just a single address and anonymously receive unlinkable transactions by default.