Secure Communication with Attention Bidding

The Future of Secure Communication Platforms Built on Decentralized Blockchain, with NSA proof encryption and Attention Bidding.

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Take back your Privacy and Monetize your Attention

Embracing the decentralized nature of Blockchain with state of the art Encryption and Attention Bidding to disrupt the $500 Billion USD instant messaging market.

  • NSA proof encryption on the Blockchain
  • Monetize your Attention
  • Censorship resistant multimedia Messages
  • Bid for anyones Attention
a new era of messaging

Cross platform messaging Ðapp prioritizing your Attention and Privacy

Join us in reclaiming the Multi-Billion-Dollar Secure Communication Market, harness your Attention and protect your Data.

  • Decentralized benefit of blockchain, without privacy concessions
  • Trustless storage of messages is encrypted and distributed
  • Traceless communication not tied to any real world identity or device
  • Private Obfuscated sender, multimedia content, and recipient of all communications.
not just an instant messenger

Awesome Features

Attention Bidding

Democratizing access and influence with the ability to bid for anyones attention

Private Wallet

Transact using leading crypto currencies and ERC20-compatible tokens using stealth addresses

Anonymous Accounts

All you need to use the PolyAlpha Ðapp is a public and private key pair

No Advertisements

PolyAlpha does not collect your data or sell your attention to third parties

Censorship Resistant

No third party can prevent the sending and distribution of full multimedia messages.

Incognito Messages

Communication between PolyAlpha users is encrypted and unreadable to third parties.


PolyAlpha can securely handle the messaging volume of the top 10 instant messaging Apps combined.

Encrypted Group Chats

Enjoy collaborative communication with multiple users, without compromising your security.

Volume Per Second


PolyAlpha is built to be robust. It can handle up to double the amount of messages send through the second best chat platform.

Volume Per Second


PolyAlpha is also build for speed. Compared to other BlockChain technologies the Hyper Poly Protocol features up to 1,000,000 TPS.

Tokens Distribution

Use of Proceeds

Hard Cap represents the maximum funds the team will accept for the project, when this cap is reached, no further funds will be accepted.

  • Legal
  • Development
  • Reserve
  • Marketing
  • Hyper Poly Protocol Development

Tokens Distribution outlines the allocations of the 10 Billion PAT tokens amongst all stakeholders.

  • Reserve
  • Bounty
  • Company and Advisors
  • Hyper Poly Protocol Development
  • Crowdsale

High Throughput

To replace currenct instant messaging Apps with Ðapps our technology will facilitate the volumes of the most popular instant messaging Apps combined.


To replace the current legacy communication systems with decentralized, secure and efficient dual blockchain technology.

Highly Reliable

By focusing on our tokenomics model and incentives for participants contributing resources, we will have a decentralized and motivated network layer.

Current PAPP price (ETH)
20,000 Gwei
Hard Cap (ETH)
Pre Sale Bonus

DAICO Coming Soon


DAICO will start:

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Frequency Asked Questions

What is PolyAlpha?

The first product we will create will be a decentralized application running on the Ethereum Blockchain, this will serve as a fully functional proof of concept.

What is Hyper Poly Protocol?

The second step is to build a Ðapp agnostic protocol which can be used by webmasters and Ðapp developers to build secure communication tools of the future. This protocol will provide Monero level privacy with the scalability to manage FB messenger level communications per second — no current Blockchain can reach this scale without compromising decentralization or security.

What is a DAICO?

A decentralized autonomous initial coin offering as recently hypothesized by Vitalik Buterin, is an improvement on the ICO model. Funds raised are held in a smart contract and only released to developers by crowd voting of token holders based on roadmap milestones.

What is Attention Bidding?

Attention bidding is a tool to enable the democratization of access to individuals. By allowing users to sell their own attention, and buy the attention of others.

What encryption is NSA proof?

HPP will provide End-to-end encryption using Ring Signatures, this is the same high tech encryption currently implemented in Monero and Dash. Despite massive bounties, this encryption has never been compromised.

Why communicate on the Blockchain?

The current messaging industry uses centralized architecture and advertising model that that extors users data and attention for profit. Blockchain technology allows us to build a decentralized architecture that trustlessly rewards users for their participation and attention.

Cross platform messaging Ðapp

PolyAlpha DAICO Funded Ðapp

A Ðapp has its backend code running on the Decentralized Ethereum virtual machine (EVM), with front end code running on JavaScript virtual machines (VMs).

About token

Token Sale

  • Name: PolyAlpha Token
  • Type: ERC20
  • Symbol: PAPP
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • General release: 1 Billion Fixed Supply
General description

PolyAlpha will be released on the basis of Ethereum Classic platform and fully comply with ERC20 standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.

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